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Dentists Warn Parents About Tooth Decay In Kids

A dentist who got a visit from an 8-year-old boy with particularly bad teeth only needed one glance into the child's mouth to know what his mother had been letting him drink: soda. 
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A sports paradox: Why do super-fit Olympians have terrible "garbage" teeth?

Faster, higher, stronger they may be, but Olympians wouldn't win many medals in a contest of dental health. Behind their buffed physiques lurks a dentist's nightmare.
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Sports and energy drinks bad for your teeth

Many sports and energy drinks claim  to give you a lift but they're also lifting something else - something that can't be replaced.
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Sipping soda pop all day can damage teeth

Sipping soda pop all day can damage teeth
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Diet soda's effect on teeth terrifyingly similar to effects of meth, crack cocaine

Diet soda can have the same effect on your tooth enamel as methamphetamine or crack cocaine use - and it's not pretty.
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See what happens when you sip all day?

A 16-year-old had no cavities last year. This is the same person's teeth one year later with 15 cavities.

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